Waiting to get my last bond back took over six months

My name is Grace I am 23 years old and have been renting for about 2 years.

I was living in a place that got condemned. The landlord wouldn’t undertake the repairs and if the landlord did undertake repairs he would try and repair things himself that he didn’t have the skills to fix.

We hadn’t heard from our landlord in a couple of months, and then one day we got a call from a real estate agent who said hadn’t you heard he sold the property a month ago and you guys have to be out in two weeks.

It was hugely competitive to get a place around here 80 people showing up to the inspections We ended up having to offer $20 more at this place then they were asking because that’s how desperate we were for housing.

Waiting to get my last bond back took over six months, I had to borrow money to get the bond and the first months rent.

It would’ve been really great if we had some sort of authority to help us through that period because we all had no idea about all the policy and stuff associated with getting your bond back.