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Tenant rights

The reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 (RTA) will increase tenants’ access to important information and ensure that there is an independent advocate to engage with the Government on their behalf.


Commissioner for Residential Tenancies

A Commissioner for Residential Tenancies will be appointed to champion the rights of Victorian tenants in the private sector.

The Commissioner will consult widely with tenant and consumer advocacy groups  across the rental sector to identify systemic issues and will give tenants a voice in seeking changes to renting laws.

Landlord blacklist

Currently, tenants who breach their obligations under the RTA may find their names on a tenancy database, sometimes referred to as a ‘blacklist’.

Landlords and real estate agents will now be subject to similar measures.

We will create a landlord and agent ‘blacklist’ that will be available to all tenants so they can identify landlords and agents who have previously breached their obligations under the RTA.

More information

While the reforms to the Residential Tenancies Act were passed by the Victorian Parliament in September 2018, they have not yet come into force. The reforms will come into effect progressively, and all will have commenced by 1 July 2020.