Family of four moving into house carrying boxes

Transcript - Madeleine's story


She said ‘you’re just not suitable for our properties’ She said ‘well you’re disabled. You’re a single mum. We don’t take single mum’.

I need to stay in this house because all the things I rely on are here to move…

I would never find another property.

I just wish in this day and age they would make it fairer for renters.


One in four Victorians rent their home.

So the Victorian Government is making renting fair.

We’re introducing: Long-term, secure leases.

Fewer rent increases.

Smaller bonds that you get back faster More flexibility for alterations, and pets.

And we’re cracking down on dodgy landlords.

We’re giving renters more security and the ability to make their rental house a home.

We’re making renting fair.

Visit to find out how.

Authorised by the Victorian Government, 1 Treasury Place, Melbourne.