Research Institute on Social Cohesion

The Research Institute on Social Cohesion (RIOSC) is administered by the Community Resilience Unit (CRU). RIOSC is a virtual network of academics, researchers, community practitioners, government representatives, experts and thinkers.

RIOSC aims to bring diverse sectors together to investigate, discuss and collaborate both online and offline.

Through research and programs, this community of practice will support the development of policy and initiatives which enhance knowledge around social cohesion, multiculturalism, community resilience and prevention of violent extremism.

Academics, researchers, community practitioners and evaluators with subject matter expertise in these areas are encouraged to apply for RIOSC membership.

On this site you can apply to be a RIOSC member, apply for Social Cohesion Research Grants or find out about other RIOSC initiatives.

Research Institute on Social Cohesion

RIOSC membership

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Research Institute on Social Cohesion

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Research Institute on Social Cohesion

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