RIOSC membership

Benefits of RIOSC membership

  • opportunities to apply for Social Cohesion Research Grants
  • access to RIOSC events
  • access to a member only, collaborative online platform.

Application timelines

Applications for RIOSC membership will remain open on an ongoing basis with a number of intake assessment periods a year. Applications for RIOSC membership are accepted during the application phase of the Social Cohesion Research Grants program. You can apply for both RIOSC membership and the grants program at the same time.

The next intake closing dates are:

  • Intake 1: closes 5pm Friday 4 May 2018
  • Intake 2: closes 5pm Friday 3 August 2018
  • Intake 3: closes 5pm Friday 2 November 2018
  • Intake 4: closes 5pm Friday 7 December 2018

You will be notified of application outcomes within a couple of weeks of the nearest closing date.

RIOSC membership application process

All applications must be lodged through the online portal.

Step 1

Please closely consider:

and the

Step 2

You must complete and attach a Conflict of Interest form to your application.

Step 3

Apply here: Online portal

Step 4

Finalise and submit application.

If you have questions regarding RIOSC, please email or call 03 7017 8112.

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