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Role of the Victorian Skills Authority

We ensure the skills and training system is well-connected, helping Victoria to find new, more effective ways to get students skilled and employed.

The Victorian Skills Authority (VSA) is an Administrative Office of the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions. It reports to the Minister for Training and Skills.

Established in mid-2021, our role is to:

  • gather and analyse data
  • develop local solutions for local problems
  • help to improve the quality of training
  • identify skills needed to boost jobs and economic growth.

We will fulfil this by:

  • ensuring the skills and training system is well-connected and easy to navigate
  • strengthening support for local learners and businesses
  • working closely with stakeholders to develop reliable, comprehensive data, including an annual Victorian Skills Plan.

We have 4 key areas of work, described below.

Four key areas of work

  1. We will work with stakeholders to generate sophisticated data analysis and insights on priority established and emerging training areas. This will culminate in the development of an annual Victorian Skills Plan.

    We will fulfil this role by:

    • advising government about how the training system can support employment growth (including by incorporating advice from the VSA Advisory Board)
    • ensuring data, analysis and insights are accessible and useful for government, industry, the Victorian VET sector and students
    • gathering and sharing local insights on regional training requirements to meet local industry and employer needs, as well as government objectives
    • engaging with the VSA Advisory Board and external stakeholders to collaborate on creating, resourcing and fulfilling the objectives of the Victorian Skills Plan
    • building on the Victorian Skills Gateway, providing an online platform to share data and insights about the training system to support decisions by industry, communities, providers and students.
  2. We will facilitate action with stakeholders to unblock and unlock the right skills supply in the right places, including through Skills and Jobs Centres.

    We will fulfil this role by:

    • supporting the transition of the Industry Engagement Framework to the Victorian Skills Authority from the Victorian Skills Commissioner and further develop and extend the work of the framework to align this work with the mandate of the Victorian Skills Authority.
    • liaising with local and regional stakeholders and employers to understand and support regional workforce development
    • brokering relationships with stakeholders at a local and state-wide level to promote pathways from training into work and address major training market opportunities and barriers
    • taking on oversight of the Skills and Jobs Centres to achieve a more coordinated, integrated approach.

    Visit the Skills and Jobs CentresExternal Link page.

  3. We will drive the quality of vocational education and training.

    We will fulfil this role by:

    • working with providers and the sector to promote the development of a continuous improvement culture
    • supporting professional development training for the Victorian vocational education and training (VET) sector (including oversight of functions currently performed by the Victorian Development Centre) and promoting best-practice teaching, curriculum and assessment
    • managing the employer and student satisfaction surveys, sharing insights with government and the Victorian VET sector.

    Visit VET Development CentreExternal Link website.

  4. We will drive collaborative innovation in VET across the whole VET sector.

    We will fulfil this role by:

    • engaging across the Victorian Government to support workforce development in priority sectors
    • working with industry and government to identify opportunities for innovation in skills development and delivery, including centres of excellence to support best-practice training
    • providing advice about training and curriculum needs and skills development to inform future market settings.

We also have an Integrity Framework, which underpins how we work.

Victorian Skills Authority Integrity Framework

Connecting all parts of the system

The VSA will expand on the role of the former Office of the Victorian Skills Commissioner. We will strengthen connections between TAFE, training, higher education and adult community education. We will have a greater focus on data, analysis and place-based training solutions.

The VSA will take responsibility for the VET Development Centre. The VET Development Centre promotes professional development for training practitioners. We also will take responsibility for the Skills and Jobs Centres. The Skills and Job Centres support students and job-seekers. This will enable a more connected skills and training system.

The VSA also will work with the Office of TAFE Coordination and Delivery within the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions

The work of Industry Advisory Groups and work on Regional Skills Plans will continue.

Reviewed 14 August 2023

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