Story: Ro sees a more accepting culture of difference and diversity

As Victoria’s Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, an Australian first, I am a walking example of the changing times.

We’ve really seen the tides of change over the last 14 months in Victoria, change that champions working towards a safer and more inclusive Victoria for LGBTI people. We’ve seen change in our legislation, change in our public sector, and change in the hearts and minds of people across Victoria.

Over the past several decades, many social change efforts have contributed to shaping our society for the better. I stand upon the shoulders of my elders, who paved the way for me. Now our young people are a source of inspirational change, as in many ways our younger generations are more accepting of difference and diversity. I see a positive path for the future as young people grow up with variations in sexual identity and orientation around them being the norm.

We all hold different attitudes to change. I’ve always believed that to effectively bring about change, our leaders need to ensure that they’re bringing people along the change journey with them. Our leaders must account for people changing in different ways, at different paces.

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Reviewed 02 August 2019

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