Safeguarding Victorians against terrorism

We acknowledge the threats of violent extremism and radicalisation facing our community, our state and our country. These threats confront and challenge us – but they will not change the way we live. By working together, we can create a safe and resilient Victoria to resist, respond and recover from acts of terrorism.

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What Government is doing

The best defence against terrorism is a strong and connected community.

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What happens if there's a terrorist attack?

Victoria has robust and well-practised emergency management arrangements.

Find out what happens if there's a terrorist attack.

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How we can create a safe and resilient Victoria

Everyone has a responsibility to promote inclusion and reject exclusion.

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Victoria’s Counter Terrorism Statement 2017

Victoria’s Counter Terrorism Statement 2017 describes the Victorian Government’s joined-up response to the threat of terrorism.

Counter Terrorism Statement 2017.pdf Counter Terrorism Statement 2017 PDF (5.23 MB)

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To check the likelihood of an act of terrorism in Australia, visit the Australian National Security website

Updates to Victoria’s Counter Terrorism Legislation

In response to the recommendations made by Victoria’s independent Expert Panel on Terrorism and Violent Extremism Prevention and Response Powers, the Victorian Government reformed Victoria’s counter terrorism legislation through the Justice Legislation Amendment (Terrorism) Act 2018.

Most provisions in the Act came into effect on 1 October 2018. The reforms:

  • allow for preventative detention of terror suspects by police for up to 4 days for an adult and 36 hours for a child
  • create a presumption against bail and parole for those who pose a terrorism risk
  • clarify police powers to use lethal force in response to a life-threatening act where it may be the last opportunity to safely and effectively intervene
  • streamline the authorisation of special police powers and enable police to use these powers to take control of premises

Additionally, information sharing has been improved in the adult and youth justice systems for counter-terrorism purposes

The reforms provide numerous safeguards, including oversight by the independent Victorian Inspectorate of the use of special police powers and preventative police detention, and additional protections for children who are preventatively detained.

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