What Government is doing

The best defence against terrorism is a strong and connected community

Victoria’s best defence against terrorism is a cohesive, resilient society. Since Victoria’s government can’t build this alone it has set up partnerships between community organisations, police, government agencies, businesses, academics, and others.

One partnership is the Social Cohesion and Community Resilience Taskforce to build social cohesion, community resilience, and reduce marginalisation. The Taskforce funds community projects to combat radicalisation.

Effective law enforcement and counter-terrorism legislation

Victoria’s law enforcement and intelligence arrangements work to prevent and disrupt planned terrorist activity. Victoria Police works alongside its counterparts in the Commonwealth, other states and territories. Past joint investigations have disrupted terrorist plots and produced successful criminal prosecutions.

Further detail on Victoria Police's counter-terrorism activities and priorities can be found in the Victoria Police Counter Terrorism Strategy 2018-2021.

Victoria’s laws while designed to counter terrorism, align with human rights principles, while being effective, consistent, and agile.

Partnering with business to increase resilience

Large and small businesses in Victoria also work to reduce the threat of terrorism and its consequences. They apply government regulations and guidelines to protect their employees, customers, and the community.

Victoria Police, ASIO and security specialists also provide guidance to business to reduce the risk of attacks at places of mass gathering. These include sporting venues, shopping complexes, public transport hubs, and major events.

Protecting Victoria’s critical infrastructure (for example, water and electricity), is also vital to our well-being. The Victorian Government works with infrastructure operators to raise awareness of how their operations might be vulnerable and to promote information sharing. The infrastructure sectors include banking and finance, communications, energy, food supply, government, health, transport and water.

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