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Education Week will be celebrated in Victoria from Sunday 14 May to Saturday 20 May 2023.

It's an annual celebration of education, a chance for students to take part in some free and fun activities and an opportunity to share what makes your school great.

This year’s theme ‘Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate’ focuses on some of the amazing ways students learn inside and outside of the classroom through physical activity, hands-on-learning and student voice in education.

How your school can celebrate

Victorian government schools are invited to take part in free excursions, incursions and online events, and download free classroom activities to use during Education Week.

Attend an excursion, incursion or online event

  • Tour the Australian Music Vault at the Arts Centre Melbourne or draw sketches featured at NGV’s Melbourne Now exhibition.
  • Join a virtual story timeExternal Link .
  • Explore the outdoors with an excursion at the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria.
  • Create shadow puppets with Polyglot Theatre.

For more opportunities, visit the Excursions, incursions and online events for your class page.

Download a classroom activity

Use curriculum aligned classroom resources made by some of Victoria’s leading cultural and education organisations to do fun and educational activities for your students.

  • Encourage your students to explore dance with easy-to-use resources from the Australian Ballet or Ausdance Victoria.
  • Learn about conservation and the amazing creatures that live around us.
  • Inspire students with an online course in student voice.

For more ideas, check out the Classroom activities page.

Hold your own school or class celebration

Prefer to celebrate Education Week in your own way? Challenge your students, teachers and school community to get active, do some hands-on learning or focus on student voice.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  • host a balloon keepy-uppy team championship
  • learn a dance or game featured on the Get Active Victoria websiteExternal Link
  • set up a scavenger hunt
  • encourage senior students to teach hands-on learning skills to junior students such as science, physical education, cooking, gardening or art
  • organise a student takeover of a school assembly or the school’s social media account for a day
  • host a student versus teacher debate
  • learn about students who have changed the world
  • challenge students to invent a new sport, dance, or game.

Share your school's story

Education Week is an opportunity to share what makes your school great! You can share examples of how your school encourages active learning by:

  • holding an open morning or special assembly at your school that features physical activity, hands-on-learning or student voice (a school assembly presentation will be available on this site closer to Education Week)
  • encouraging students to get involved in programs and clubs at your school
  • inviting your local media to cover an Education Week event or active learning program at your school
  • using the hashtag #EdWeekVic when posting on social media and tagging @VicGovDE on Twitter and @Department of Education and Training, Victoria on LinkedIn.

Here are some sample social media posts that you can use across your social media channels to highlight the many ways that your school helps students to be active learners.

You can change these posts to suit your school’s communication style.

Digital media ideas

You can use the social media tile in this celebration kit and the sample posts below to share what your school is doing to celebrate Education Week and how you encourage active learners year-round.

You can use the draft newsletter text below to communicate with your school community about how your school is celebrating Education Week.

    • Happy Education Week! We’re celebrating the theme Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate by [add example of excursion or activity students are taking part in] #EdWeekVic
    • This is how we learn at [your school name] We’re proud to encourage active learners by [add an example of how students learn via physical activity, hands on learning and student voice] #EdWeekVic
    • This year’s Education Week theme is Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate which celebrates physical activity, hands on learning and student voice in learning. Our students are celebrating by [add an example of an activity students are participating in] #EdWeekVic
  • This year, Education Week runs from Sunday 14 to Saturday 20 May. The theme Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate celebrates the many ways students learn, through physical activity, hands on learning and student voice.

    Education Week is an opportunity for our school to celebrate and share with you how we encourage our students to be active learners.

    Our school is proud to encourage active learners through [insert information about programs and activities that your school wishes to highlight].

    [school name] will be celebrating Education Week by [insert information here about activities you are hosting for Education Week or how you will be demonstrating the theme Active Learners: Move, Make, Motivate] To find out more, visit the Education Week 2023 website.

Reviewed 10 May 2023


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