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Security Infrastructure Fund for multicultural and multifaith communities

Receive up to $75,000 to upgrade and install security infrastructure in existing for multicultural and multifaith community facilities

$0 - $75,000
Not-for-profit groups

The Security Infrastructure Fund provides support for the upgrade and installation of security infrastructure to existing multicultural and multifaith community facilities.

The fund seeks to ensure that every Victorian has the opportunity to thrive in a peaceful and prosperous society with a shared sense of safety, belonging, respect, acceptance and contribution.

Applicants can apply for up to $75,000 towards projects that support Victoria’s community to:

  • Upgrade security measures at existing multicultural and multifaith community facilities to increase feelings of safety and physically improve infrastructure
  • Feel safe while they continue to engage with and participate in activities that support their traditional culture and identity
  1. Applications are closed.

    Applicants will be advised of an outcome in October.

Reviewed 09 August 2019

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