Service model specifications for The Orange Door

The Orange Door partner agencies provide services according to The Orange Door service model and specifications.

Briefing pack

The briefing pack provides an overview and explains the intent of The Orange Door. 

It includes information about:

  • governance
  • workforce
  • information sharing
  • Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Management (MARAM) Framework
  • Central Information Point
  • Service model
  • interfaces with other services

Service model

The service model describes the functions of The Orange Door in stages, from access and assessment, to response and review.

Service specifications

The service specifications outline the requirements of agencies partnering to provide The Orange Door.

It includes:

  • the operating context
  • key objectives
  • deliverables
  • minimum expectations
  • quality requirements
  • critical data collection
  • performance frameworks

Reviewed 27 June 2019

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