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Lists some government services across the Victorian Government.

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    Services include transactions provided by the Victorian Government. These services are either free or have a fee attached.

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    • Excursions with Eco-Adventure Tours
      Excursions with Eco-Adventure Tours - Book

      Book a tour to learn more about Choose Tap or Melbourne's water supply and sewage treatment processes. Includes touring Winneke Water Treatment Plant Tour, Reservoir Park Discovery Tour, Water Quality & Water Bug Tours.

      Type: Book

      Category: Education, Environment

      Yarra Valley Water

    • Expired licence
      Expired licence - Renew

      You can renew your expired licence using a number of payment options. The options available will depend on whether VicRoads holds a current photo of you in its database. The renewal notice will provide instructions on the options available to you and whether you need to take a new photo. If you not have your renewal notice call us on 13 11 71.

      Type: Renew

      Category: Transport


    • Fare estimator
      Fare estimator - Change or Check

      Estimate your taxi fare based on pick-up and drop-off points anywhere in Victoria.

      Type: Change or Check

      Category: Transport

      Commercial Passenger Vehicles Victoria

    • Farm motorcycle
      Farm motorcycle - Register

      Primary producers can conditionally register non-Australian Design Rules (ADR) compliant motorcycles for use on Victorian roads between farm properties for primary production activities.

      Type: Register

      Category: Agriculture, Transport


    • Federal Interstate Registration Scheme
      Federal Interstate Registration Scheme - Register

      Heavy vehicles that are used to transport goods interstate and do not transport goods locally are eligible to be registered under the Federal Interstate Registration Scheme.

      Type: Register

      Category: Transport


    • Fee waivers for charitable, benevolent or religious organisations
      Fee waivers for charitable, benevolent or religious organisations - Register

      VicRoads may grant a nil registration fee for vehicles that are registered in the name of a charitable, benevolent or religious institution.

      Type: Register

      Category: Transport


    • Filming and photography permit
      Filming and photography permit - Apply or Pay

      Filming and photography plays an important role in encouraging awareness and appreciation of Victoria’s diverse network of parks.

      A permit is required for professional, and some amateur, filming and photography in areas managed by Parks Victoria. Filming in state forests is managed by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) and permits must be obtained from local DEPI offices. Phone 136 186 to obtain local DEPI office numbers.

      Permits are required so filming and photography in parks is managed safely and responsibly. Parks Victoria places conditions on permits to minimise the impact on the park, park visitors, tenants and tour operators. An annual licence is available for landscape photographers who regularly photograph parks.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Environment

      Parks Victoria

    • Financial assistance - Victim of crime
      Financial assistance - Victim of crime - Apply or Pay

      As a victim of crime, you may be entitled to financial assistance from the Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) or to compensation from the offender.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Justice

      Department of Justice and Regulation

    • Fire Danger Period Permits
      Fire Danger Period Permits - Apply or Pay

      Businesses or individuals who need to use fire to conduct their work during the Fire Danger Period may require a permit.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Environment

      Country Fire Authority

    • Fire services property levy concession
      Fire services property levy concession - Apply or Pay

      Concession cardholders should check their council rates notice to see if they receive a discount on the Fire services property levy.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Property & Planning

      Department of Health and Human Services

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