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Lists some government services across the Victorian Government.

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    Services include transactions provided by the Victorian Government. These services are either free or have a fee attached.

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    • Funeral provider
      Funeral provider - Register

      You must register your business details with us within 28 days of starting a funeral provider business. Registration is free.

      Type: Register

      Category: Business

      Consumer Affairs Victoria

    • Gallery Visits You
      Gallery Visits You - Book

      The NGV Voluntary Guides outreach program Gallery Visits You is a free program that offers the wider community, particularly those who are unable to visit the National Gallery of Victoria’s locations, access to NGV collection highlights and selected special exhibitions.

      Type: Book

      Category: Arts, Culture & Heritage, Community

      National Gallery of Victoria

    • Gambling and liquor
      Gambling and liquor - Complain

      The VCGLR regulates businesses focusing on the people, premises, products and promotions involved in supplying gambling and liquor.

      Through our complaints process, we investigate breaches under a number of Acts, including the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998, Gambling Regulation Act 2003 and the Casino Control
      Act 1991.

      Type: Complain

      Category: Justice

      Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

    • Gambling licence
      Gambling licence - Apply or Pay

      Any person or organisation that intends to conduct gaming activities, work in the gaming industry, or supply liquor in Victoria must apply for a licence or permit. Includes:
      Gaming industry employee
      Bookmaker (and key employee)
      Trade promotion lottery
      Raffle (Commercial)
      Community and charitable gaming (minor gaming permit for raffle, lucky envelope and fundraising)
      Manufacturers, suppliers and testers

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Justice

      Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

    • Gambling or liquor licence
      Gambling or liquor licence - Renew

      Provides information on how to renew your gambling or liquor licence.

      Type: Renew

      Category: Justice

      Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation

    • Game licence
      Game licence - Apply or Pay

      Anyone wishing to hunt game in Victoria, including juniors (12-17 years) and international visitors, must hold a current Game Licence.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Sport & Recreation

      Game Management Authority

    • Gender
      Gender - Change or Check

      VicRoads is required to record your gender and title.

      Type: Change or Check

      Category: Transport


    • General reimbursement form
      General reimbursement form - Claim

      This form can be used to claim general expenses. Itemised, original receipts must accompany the completed form. Please note there are separate forms for claiming costs related to travel, accommodation, pharmacy, home services and medical excess.

      Type: Claim

      Category: Health, Transport

      Transport Accident Commission

    • Grant of legal assistance
      Grant of legal assistance - Apply or Pay

      If you are unable to resolve your legal problem on your own and cannot afford a lawyer, we may be able to pay for a lawyer to help you. This is called a 'grant of legal assistance'.

      Type: Apply or Pay

      Category: Justice

      Victoria Legal Aid

    • Group tours
      Group tours - Book

      If you are interested in a tour of one of our irrigation districts or reservoirs please contact us.

      Type: Book

      Category: Education, Environment

      Southern Rural Water

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