Single Digital Presence product roadmap

The SDP product roadmap provides an outline of what we've delivered and what we're planning to deliver and when.

Things change, so check back here for any updates. 

Here's our focus for July-September 2019.

Content Management System improvements

Our goals

  • Tailor view of content management system to content owners.
  • Increase privacy standards.
  • Re-use existing components for a wider use-case.

What's planned

  • Content management system - roles and permissions management.
  • Expanding ‘profile’ component to build in flexibility.
  • Browse by tag or topic.
  • Content management system workflow notifications.
  • Basic content management system user interface enhancements.

Improved release management

Our goals

  • Reduce time on release management and gain an opportunity to improve velocity.
  • Streamlining provisioning of new sites and update(s) to existing sites.

What's planned 

  • Automate of regression testing.
  • Search refactoring to enable future improvements.

Backlog for October – March 2020

SDP is currently operating in a dynamic environment, balancing onboarding of new projects with the original scope of work that is scheduled to conclude in February 2020.

With the remaining Department of Premier and Cabinet websites that SDP will be re-platforming, we have a list of features in the backlog. These are the only features the team will be working on up until the conclusion of our original scope of work in February.

Each feature will need to go through our design process prior to being brought into SDP’s core.

Feature Description
Bills template New template to display legislative bill information
As-made acts and statutory rules template New template to display legislative as-made acts and statutory rules information
In force acts and statutory rules template New template to display legislative in force acts and statutory rules information
Legislation search enhancements Ability to search new templates and listing legislative information within search
Timeline Ability to show a timeline of information
Directory Ability to present and search directory information
Multi-language Capability to show content in multiple languages
Social media enhancements Additional coverage of social media assets across the site including the header and footer assets.
Media listings Ability to search and view media information
Simple forms Align forms functionality from CMS into Ripple.
Data Visualisations Ability to view multiple data sets through new visualization and charting tools.
Maps Map capability that allows for selectable areas and pins that show specific locations
Recommendations progress tracker A tracker to show a list of recommendations and current status

Reviewed 09 August 2019

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Mike Laidlaw, Senior Product Manager, Single Digital Presence Digital, Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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