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Release 16.1

Date of release: Wednesday 07 August 2019


The major focus for release 16.1 is to deliver the following: 

  • Restructure to move ripple to a monorepo 
  • Video Transcript field changed from text field to WYSIWYG
  • Update the Content summary page and add additional filters


List Description


Add unit tests for Nuxt "modules/nuxt-tide/modules/grant/lib/utils.js"
SDPA-2505 Restructure Ripple as monorepo
SDPA-2689 Store authenticated content JWT token in a more secure way


Upgrade Ripple storybook to v5


Publish nuxt tide to NPM
SDPA-1482 Using `cross-env` in Nuxt to support Windows dev
SDPA-2694 Ripple documentation
SDPA-2703 Create docker config for ripple storybook
SDPA-2704 Create docker config for ripple reference site
SDPA-2705 Create Circle CI config for ripple monorepo
SDPA-2706 Create lagoon config for ripple monorepo
SDPA-2711 Configure Babel for ripple monorepo

Configure ESLint for ripple monorepo

SDPA-2713 Create jest config for ripple monorepo
SDPA-2715 Add pre-commit hook for ripple monorepo
SDPA-2718 Update ripple scripts to work in monorepo
SDPA-2727 Need a module way to extend nuxt-tide
SDPA-2274 CMS UI: Update the Content summary page and add additional filters

Video transcript field change from text field to WYSIWYG

SDPA-2391 Clean-up dependencies and update paths of Tide modules
SDPA-2735 Clean up code inter-dependencies between tide_api and tide_site


Key Summary

Using conditional logic on form fails and logs error in console

SDPA-2651 Body content and print block are not aligned on the publication landing page

Master - Publications - on mobile when Complex Image is full screen there is an option to expand/close caption title

SDPA-2549 Content Rating | Radio buttons are too close to title at smaller breakpoints
SDPA-1166 Success icon got trimmed/pixelated a bit on success message and was no longer appearing
SDPA-886 Highlight and default 'Draft' in the drop down when the content is in 'Published' state
SDPA-1301 Social Sharing Checkbox checked by Default when creating an Event or Grant
SDPA-2779 Preview - Existing body content is not updating

Tide module dependencies include config that will not exist on a fresh install.

SDPA-2744 Site admins cannot add children to publications
SDPA-2930 Dev - imported grants feed entry has 180 revision entries all with the same timestamp
SDPA-2923 MonoRepo - preview returns 404 in front end
SDPA-2963 Grants Feed - Updates the imported nodes even though there is no change
SDPA-2934 Short title on secondary campaign block causes CTA button to overlap with text

Text link hover underline goes past external hyperlink icon

Reviewed 08 August 2019

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