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How to display a submenu (site-section navigation).

Most pages in a site section should have Site-section navigation set to display.

Your administrator has set up the menu, you just need to tick the box to have it displayed.

These menus are created and managed manually, so if you add a new page to the site, you need to ensure it's added to the site-section navigation.

Creating a site section menu

Menus are can only be created by Admins for now.

The site section navigation menu and the site section footer are automatically created when adding a new site in the taxonomy section: Structure > Taxonomy > Sites.

Editing a site section menu

To add, remove or reorder items in a site section menu, go to the menus screen (Structure > Menus).

Find the menu with the name of your site (eg Main menu - - sitename).

Click on the Edit button on the right side of the screen.

Add items one by one by clicking the +Add link button. (For now, each time you add a link you get taken back to the main list of menus; this will be fixed.) 

Changes made in menus appear on the live site immediately, so while you're working, untick the checkbox in the Enabled column. When you've finished adding and ordering the items in your menu, tick all items to make them display on the site.

Menu link title* - generally use the page name here although we can truncate it or change it in special circumstances.

Link* - start typing the page title and choose the correct page from the list of published pages that appears in the dropdown.

Once you’ve added all the menu items you want to include, from the main menus page, click Edit menu again and drag and drop your items into order.

You can also drag to ‘indent’ the items to push them to level 2 or 3. Our menus will only display down to level 3

Click Save when you’re done.

NOTE: You can currently only add links to pages that are published. You may need to get the help of a site administrator.

Displaying site-section navigation on a page

We generally don't display the site section menu on the site section's 'home' page.

Most site sections (eg LGBTI equality) have Site-section navigation set to display on every other page.

To set it to display, you need to tick the box and enter a title for the menu.

Example of checked box to enable Site section navigation

The title should generally be the name of the site (eg LGBTI equality).

What you put in the Site-section navigation title field will display as a heading at the top of the menu on that page.

If you don’t fill in this field, nothing will be displayed and the menu will look a bit odd. This title helps users to orientate themselves in the site section.

Example of Site Section navigation front end display

Copy and paste in the name of the menu from another page in your site (for example, LGBTI equality).

Reviewed 30 September 2019

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