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Soil remediation grants

$0 - $4,500,000

Up to $4.5 million is available as grants for innovative ways and technology for the treatment and remediation of soil and land in Victoria.

Businesses are invited to apply now for grants to develop fit-for-purpose, cost-effective and scalable solutions that remediate soil and sites.

The Victorian Government is also improving regulatory processes for use of remediated soil and land. This will support major infrastructure projects across Victoria and boost the Victorian economy.

Apply online
  1. Applications open

    06 August to 30 September 2021


  • To be eligible, a business must:

    • be an eligible legal entity
    • operate a business within Australia, and
    • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN).

    Partnerships between organisations are encouraged where one organisation may not meet all eligibility requirements.

    If a partnership is applying for funding, a lead organisation must be identified in the application.

  • Applications will be reviewed to make sure the applicant and the proposed activity are eligible for funding, and that the application clearly shows how the funding would be spent. Eligible applications will be reviewed and assessed by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning in consultation with other government agencies.

    Applications will be subject to review by appropriately qualified and experienced technical and/or financial experts, (as appropriate for the project) using the considerations listed below:

    • the proposed items are clear, eligible and consistent with the Fund’s objectives
    • the project will stabilise, treat and remediate contaminated soils and spoils
    • the project is properly planned and demonstrates good value for money
    • the project demonstrates viability and can be delivered within the timeframes outlined in a detailed project plan.
    • the project significantly minimises the human health and environmental risks associated with contaminated soils and spoils
    • the project increases the reuse options of treated soils and spoils
    • the proponent organisation has a successful track record in the delivery similar projects
  • Applications open on 6 August and are submitted online using the Grants Online portal.

    Attaching required documents:

    • Supporting documents must be in an acceptable file type, such as Word, Excel, PDF, or JPEG.
    • The maximum filesize for each file is 5MB.

    You will receive an application number after you submit an application online.

    Please quote this number in all communications with the department relating to your application.

    If you have documents to submit that cannot be attached to your online application you can email them to, quoting your application number.

    Attach all documents to one email, zipping the files if required.

    Make sure your application is submitted by 4pm on 30 September 2021.

    Applicants will be notified of the application outcome by November 2021.

  • Applications are submitted online using the Grants Online portalExternal Link .

    To access an existing draft or submitted application, visit External Link

  • Additional information is available by emailing

Reviewed 09 August 2021