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STEM for students

The products of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) knowledge is all around you.

Whenever you turn on your phone, eat food, text your friends, or measure your heart rate you are using the products of STEM knowledge.

Fun STEM sites

Learning about STEM is also fun. Explore our solar system at NASA, check out Science Buddies or visit Australia's national science channel.

Competitions and events

Maths Challenge (Australian Mathematics Trust)

  • For students in years 3 - 10
  • Conducted over four weeks between March and early June (flexible timing)
  • Registrations now open

Taking you another step closer to expanding the world’s supply of creative young problem solvers.

For more information, and to register your school, visit: Maths ChallengeExternal Link .

Maths Enrichment

  • For advanced students in years 4 - 10
  • Conducted over 12 - 16 weeks between April and September (flexible timing)
  • $42 per student
  • Registration open now

Are you excited about guiding your brightest young maths students toward a lifetime of creative problem-solving? All study materials will be provided and teachers will be given a range of supporting materials including a module handbook, sample letter to parents, posters, practice problems, teacher guides and marking schemes, stats reports, and more.

For more information, and to register your school, visit: Maths EnrichmentExternal Link

Go Girl Go Global

  • Free for young women* aged 15 - 24
  • Monday 1 April 2019, 5pm - 6:45pm
  • Sofitel On Collins, Melbourne

Creative Innovation 2019 Asia Pacific proudly presents Go Girl Go Global! Gain expert insight into the future of science, AI, technology, ethics, leadership and innovation. Participants will learn the latest trends and developments in STEM and Human Intelligence 2.0, and gain the knowledge and tools to give themselves the best advantage for their future careers.

For more information, and to register, visit: Go Girl Go GlobalExternal Link .

*This event is for those who identified and continue to identify as women (including cisgender and trans women), intersex individuals who do not identify as male, individuals assigned female at birth who have not taken medical or legal steps to identify as male, and individuals assigned female at birth who do not identify within the gender binary.

Australian Mathematics Competition

  • For students in years 3 - 12
  • Thursday 1 August 2019
  • Entries close Friday 21 June 2019

School-based maths competitions don’t get much bigger than this—with more than 15 million entries since 1978 and students in more than 30 countries attempting the same problems each year. Problems get more challenging as the competition progresses, so students of all abilities will be challenged and inspired.

For more information, and to register your school, visit: Australian Mathematics CompetitionExternal Link .

Australian Informatics Olympiad

  • For high school students
  • Thursday 22 August 2019
  • Entries close Thursday 15 August 2019

Students write short computer programs to solve four problems that vary in difficulty. The Olympiad is suitable for an IT class that has learnt some computer programming, or enthusiastic students that have taught themselves.

Australian high school students interested in computer programming have very few outlets to be recognised for their abilities. The top 25 students will be invited to a 10-day intensive training school where they will learn higher-level algorithms and data structures.

Some students will be asked to participate in invitation-only events from which the top four will be selected to represent Australia in the International Olympiad in Informatics.

For more information, and to register, visit: Australian Informatics OlympiadExternal Link .

Victorian Maths Challenge

Open now, for everyone.

Explore and solve maths challenges with family and friends. Amongst many activities, young children can collect, count and sort objects from the garden, balance on a see-saw and find patterns in the world around us. School-aged children can create the ultimate paper plane, float a better boat, strategise, optimise and post videos, pictures or stories.

Join in the fun at: Victorian Maths ChallengeExternal Link
Take the challenge at: VMC StudentsExternal Link

Chemistry tours

  • Year 11 and 12 students
  • Available year-round
  • The University of Melbourne, School of Chemistry

Free tours of the instruments and lab areas in the University of Melbourne's School of Chemistry are available year-round.

For more information visit: Chemistry Outreach ProgramExternal Link .

Mentoring and careers

If you enjoy asking questions and trying to understand what's around you, studies in science, technology, engineering and mathematics could open up a huge range of fulfilling opportunities for you.

In a STEM career, you can make a positive difference to the world by using STEM skills to contribute to your community and beyond. You can use your STEM understanding to communicate and gain insight into how STEM impacts your life and the lives of others, or STEM thinking to invent or innovate.

Girls in STEM toolkit

The Girls in STEM Toolkit (The GiST)External Link aims to increase the engagement of girls in STEM. The toolkit has a strong focus on addressing the under-representation of girls and women at school, university and the workplace.

It aims to build female students’ confidence in taking STEM subjects at school before following these through to future education and careers, and support teachers and families to engage meaningfully with girls about pursuing careers in STEM.

The toolkit provides resources that include articles, case studies, webinars and tools for understanding how their existing skills and interests can link to STEM careers and study pathways.

It showcases STEM programs and activities and provides stories about a range of female role models. The toolkit will assist parents, teachers, career counsellors and other influencers to effectively explain opportunities in STEM and the types of careers that can arise from STEM education.

ESA is responsible for the delivery and management of the GiST on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.

Mentors in schools

The in2scienceExternal Link program places volunteer university students into mathematics and science classrooms as in-class role models (mentors), aiming to generate enthusiasm in STEM in year 8 and 9 students.

Jobs and workplace learning

Looking for on-the-job training? Structured workplace learningExternal Link helps school students find work placements with employers across Victoria.

Skills and Job Centres provide expert advice on training and employment opportunities.

Careers advice

When you study STEM, you open up a wide and diverse range of dynamic and rewarding career opportunities. You could be a pioneer in a career or industry that has not even been invented yet. Find out more about STEM careers and pathwaysExternal Link .

Ultimate CareersExternal Link is an annual publication for high school students, teachers and parents looking for information on career opportunities, where and what to study and how-to advice on surviving university.

Reviewed 21 March 2022


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