Stories of change: Family violence reform

Stories from victim survivors about their current experience of the family violence system.

Antionette says Aboriginal women have the solutions to family violence
You are not the problem. You are the solution. Aboriginal women’s lives matter.

Deb wants the voice of children heard in family violence reform
We have started a community conversation about family violence and there is real momentum to improve the lives of families, women and children, and recognise the important role of men as fathers.

Jacqui wants abusive men to change their behaviour and attitudes towards women
Abusive men in the 21st century need to change how they are treating women and how they are relating to their families and themselves.

Emily wants investment in services to help women affected by family violence
Family violence is something too many women face, and these experiences have a profound impact on the women and children who survive them.

Emma wants a whole community effort to tackle family violence
With the Victorian Government’s genuine desire to achieve lasting change, we have been provided a rare opportunity for the community sector to permanently embed new practices and fresh attitudes.

Kristy says we need call out unacceptable behaviours and challenge our current culture
Being tormented behind closed doors and have it disguised as ‘love’ is inhumane, I know this because I have lived it.

Layla says when a woman is strong, no-one can hurt her
When a woman is strong, no-one can hit her, no-one can hurt her. Say in your mind 'I am a good woman,’ ‘I am strong,’ ‘I need to help my kids.’

Liana wants society to challenge power imbalances between women and men
I want to see change as victims should not be silenced, ignored or blamed. I want to see a family violence system which does not fail victim survivors.

Muriel says self-determination gives hope to end family violence for Aboriginal people
Working and living with Aboriginal children and families in our community I have seen first-hand the way violence affects our people.

Natasha wants better services to protect children affected by family violence
Too often children and young people are forgotten, their voice ignored, their control taken in the often chaotic and painful pursuit of a life without family violence.

Nicole wants victim blaming to change
It does happen and we need to talk about it and stop being afraid to talk about these things.

Phil wants the forgotten women of family violence to be remembered
No campaign to stop the epidemic of violence against women will be complete until we apologise to the forgotten women, my sister among them, denied justice in our courtrooms.

Ro sees a more accepting culture of difference and diversity
As Victoria’s Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, an Australian first, I am a walking example of the changing times.

Tarang's hopeful women and children can live free from harm
‘She shines her light on us in a different way now,’ Mum says, hopeful that our future is one where women and children live free from harm.

Reviewed 03 July 2019

Family violence reform

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