$1.38 billion - funding projects by the community housing sector

The community housing sector will be a partner in the Big Housing Build. The Victorian Government’s Social Housing Growth Fund, jointly administered by the Treasurer and Minister for Housing, is launching a range of funding rounds – starting this year and continuing through 2021 – for housing projects led by community housing providers.

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$2.14 billion - partnerships with the private and community housing sectors

As the Big Housing Build rolls out, we want to maximise opportunities for the best value and best outcomes for Victoria.

We'll explore building on Victorian government land sites; as well as engaging with the market to identify new sites, new ideas, new opportunities and ways to build more homes.

This will occur through the remainder of 2020 and into next year.

We'll pursue opportunities to partner with industry, community housing providers, local government and institutional investors to identify new projects that deliver homes across Victoria.

Reviewed 15 November 2020

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