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Strengthening Community Partnerships for Bushfire Management with Local Government

$0 - $150,000

Safer Together is a Victorian Government program that supports communities, government, fire and land management agencies and other organisations to better connect and work together in a bushfire risk reduction context. Safer Together recognises the essential role that Victoria’s Local Government Authorities play in supporting communities to prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from bushfire and other emergencies.

To support this, the ‘Strengthening Partnerships for Bushfire Management with Local Government’ project aims to strengthen long term actions for bushfire management and support connections across the Local Government network. Local projects applying for funding need to adopt a community-centred approach to support bushfire and other hazard risk reduction. This approach allows for key stakeholders to determine the issue(s) that are being addressed while increasing local capacity and resources.

Objectives of this project include; development of long-term strategic planning outcomes; sharing of information and activities; provision of support to increase internal capacity and community cohesion.

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Reviewed 19 November 2019