Christine Maynard

A submission to the Determination of allowances for Mayors, Deputy Mayors and Councillors.

To whom it may concern

There’s no way I support the circus at the City of Yarra getting pay rises.

There’s [sic] spent more time in the headlines for all the wrong reasons instead of representing the ratepayers and residents of the city and Yarra. I’m disgusted that this is even a suggestion.

However feel free to pick up our rubbish weekly and get the rubbish out of the gutters and streets and support the local community of the City of Yarra by getting the Enabler injection room moved out of our community.

We deserve better and they don’t deserve a red cent.


Most of these councillors have not done a thing to help our community!!!

Have an awesome day.

Kindest Regards

Christine Maynard
Managing Director
Summer Kai

Christine Maynard
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