SummerTech LIVE

Our SummerTech LIVE program matches Victorian businesses with tertiary students, to solve their technology problems. Students will receive $4,500 for their work on the program.

SummerTech LIVE

Businesses, not-for-profit groups, government

SummerTech LIVE matches Victorian businesses with digital needs to tertiary students, to solve their technology problems and support digital transformation. The program operates as a paid 10-12 studentship, over the summer break. Students will receive $4,500 for their work on the program.

The Department of Jobs, Transport and Resources has successfully concluded its third year of the SummerTech LIVE Program. This year 62 businesses, 107 students and 12 Victorian TAFEs and universities participated on 60 projects in metro and regional Victoria.

Many thanks to all those that participated in SummerTech LIVE Program. We hope that you had a positive experience.


    • SummerTech LIVE is for students, educators and Victorian businesses.

      The program aims to:

      • increase student’s professional skills and employment opportunities
      • improve SME productivity and innovation
      • enhance digital adoption 
      • businesses looking for employees with ‘T-shaped’ skills - a combination of strong technical knowledge, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and communication skills
      • students finding it hard to secure entry-level jobs after study - as employers are usually looking for skill and experience that students are yet to gain

      Businesses will identify a business tech problem and complete an application form, to be matched and solved by innovative tertiary students assisted by an academic supervisor. 

      Students will express interest via their educational institute (academic supervisor or head of school) to participate in the program.

      Tertiary institutions will complete an application form expressing interest to participate in the program, detailing the available resources and capabilities.

      Our program benefits businesses, educational institutes and students:

      • businesses have an opportunity to accelerate technology adoption and innovation as well as to build relationships with education partners for future collaboration
      • education institutions can find new ways to develop relationships between small or medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and industry, to increase job-ready graduates
      • students have the opportunity to develop their job-ready skills, increase their technical skills and assist to build the business’s digital capabilities
    • Businesses

      • Be located in Victoria
      • Have a registered ABN
      • Have business tech problem/need
      • Contribute funding to participate per project:
        • SME businesses (less than 200 employees): need to match funding of $4500 with a small capped fee of $2000 in cash and up to $2500 in-kind support. The small capped fee is negotiable between the SMEs/startup and the tertiary institution.
        • Large businesses (200+ employees): will be required to pay the studentships and contribute towards the program cash and in-kind support. The total contribution required to participate will be $14000 for up to two students. The fee includes $4500 per student and $5000 fee to the tertiary institution for administration and supervisor costs.
      • Enter into a tripartite agreement between the education partner, business and the students detailing Intellectual Property conditions, expectations on the outcomes of the project and the hours committed by the business, supervisor and student(s).
      • The business and the responsible mentor are required to:
        • Nominate a dedicated staff member to mentor up to 2 students per project, to help students and academics understand the business and the tech problem
        • Offer students an opportunity to engage with an industry professional
        • Offer understandings of how the business operates and what skills are required to be work-ready
        • Support the students as they undertake the program and deliver outcomes
        • Need to provide students with a workstation and all the necessary tools for them to do their job, just like a normal employee.
        • Engage regularly and include students in relevant activities.
        • The business mentor will be required to meet the student and academic stakeholders at least 10-12 times over the course of the project.

      Education institutions 

      • Nominate a dedicated supervisor for each project
      • Provide technical expertise and liaise with the business
      • Support and mentor the students
      • Match funding of $4500 in cash and in-kind. 
      • Provide some funding towards the supervisor’s research budget
      • Put in place a tripartite agreement between the business and the students tailored to the individual project. This needs to include Intellectual Property, expectations on the outcomes and the hours committed by the business, supervisor and student(s).


      • Live in Victoria
      • Be enrolled in study following the summer
      • Study ICT or a related subject at Victorian tertiary institution (TAFE and university) 
      • Undertake meaningful project work and not asked to complete mundane tasks
      • Work as a team
      • Develop their job-ready skills
      • Increase their technical skills
      • Assist to build the business’s digital capabilities
      • Work between 19-23 hours per week, however this can change based on the length of the project
      • Enter a tripartite agreement between the tertiary institution and the business.
    • Step 1: Submit the application form

      • Business partner application form
      • Education partner application form

      Step 2: Applications will be assessed

      Our SummerTech LIVE panel will assess your business application. Selection will depend on available resources, tech problems, skills-match and project type.

      Step 3: Successful and unsuccessful applicants will be contacted

      Successful applicants

      The business and education institution will agree on the project scope and resources. 

      Unsuccessful applicants

      If you are unsuccessful, the program team will inform the business/educational institute.

      Step 4: Grant agreement

      Tertiary institutions will be required to enter a grant agreement with the Victorian Government.

      Business, tertiary institutions and students will be required to enter into a tripartite agreement.

      Successful students will be paid a studentship to the value of $4500 through their tertiary institutions.

      Step 5: SummerTech LIVE program starts

      The program begins between December and January each year.

    • Business applications will be assessed on the following criteria:

      • scope of the project
      • how realistic is the project
      • is the project challenging and strategic
      • data matching algorithms
      • secure digital-business demonstration system
      • integration of telecommunication protocols
      • data analytics CMS platform
      • website and brand redevelopment
      • cybersecurity network architecture
      • machine learning
      • augmented and virtual reality interface
      • internet of things (IoT) analysis
      • research into health and education user interfaces
    • If you’re interested in receiving updates about the program, please email

    • Hear from participants about their experiences and challenges at the SummerTech LIVE showcase.

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