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SummerTech LIVE

Welcome to SummerTech LIVE matching Victorian business digital technology needs with innovative tertiary students over the summer, to solve technology problems.

SummerTECH Live was created in response to students, educators and industry feedback that businesses are looking increasingly for ‘T-shaped’ skills - people with a combination of strong technical expertise and generalist business skills. As a result of this broadening of expectations, digital technology graduates face challenges in securing entry-level jobs, with employers often wanting a level of skill and depth of experience that graduates in single disciplines cannot offer.

Round two 2018

The second round of the pilot is now open. Expressions of Interest are being sought from business and tertiary institutions to participate.

Key dates

  • 10 November 2017 EOI applications close
  • 17 November 2017 Education and SME partners advised
  • 15 December 2017 Project scope confirmed
  • 30 March 2018 Projects completed

SummerTech LIVE Round Two 2018 SummerTech LIVE Round Two 2018 DOC (317.38 KB)

SummerTech LIVE Business Partner: Expression of Interest Form SummerTech LIVE Business Partner: Expression of Interest Form DOC (85.09 KB)

SummerTech LIVE Education Partner: Expression of Interest Form SummerTech LIVE Education Partner: Expression of Interest Form DOC (85.73 KB)

For further information please email:

Helen Paraskevopoulos

Why get involved in SummerTech LIVE?

Students if you want to improve your professional skills and gain experience solving real world problems via digital solutions, sign up for SummerTech LIVE via your education institute.

Businesses if you want to accelerate technology adoption and leverage innovative ICT solutions to improve your operations register to be a SummerTech LIVE host business. Participating Victoria’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have the opportunity to increase your digital capabilities and competitiveness.

Education institutes looking for new ways to develop longer term relationships between Victoria’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and industry to grow the number of job-ready graduates including in high demand and new and emerging areas.

How does it work?

SummerTech LIVE pilot model

Victorian SME (problem/ location) + Students (skills) + Educators (expert supervisor).

The Victorian government will support up to two students per project with a $5000 studentship with matched financial and/or in-kind support from the SME and education partners. The program aims to deliver a range of value for partners including:

  • creating innovative projects
  • developing job-ready skills
  • delivering technology-related solutions
  • producing employable graduates
  • diversifying the digital technology workforce.

Are you a Victorian SME?

Does your business have an issue it could use some help with - applying new user interface technologies, developing new algorithms for pattern matching or evaluating a complex workflow in a novel way?

If you're interested in becoming a SummerTech LIVE host business, please answer these questions:

  • do you have a current working relationship with a Victorian educational institute?
  • what is your technical problem?
  • what skills are you looking for?

Are you a Victorian Educational Institute?

SummerTech LIVE is open to TAFE and universities who run digital technologies or ICT related courses. The pilot runs for two years and we invite all partners to be involved to make this a success. Selection will depend on available resources, skills match and project fit. We may not be able to fulfil all requests.

Are you a Victorian student?

Students enrolled in Victorian University or TAFE are eligible to take part in SummerTech LIVE. Pease contact your education institute to see if they're already a partner.

Round one update

Over the summer of 2016-17, 31 students collaborated on 18 projects with 21 business partners as part of the Victorian Government’s SummerTech LIVE pilot.

Round One Highlights

View a list of all SummerTech LIVE Round One Projects

SummerTech LIVE Round One Projects SummerTech LIVE Round One Projects (255.58 KB)

#STL Showcase

To celebrate participants shared their experience at a showcase on 13 April 2017 hosted at REA Group HQ by Nigel Dalton, Chief Inventor. SummerTech LIVE participants were presented certificates by Hon Philip Dalidakis MP, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade in recognition of their contributions to Round One of the pilot. Students, academic mentors and business owners enjoyed networking over hot cross buns and VR before the teams from our 6 education partners pitched their projects to a packed crowd and Channel 31 cameras.

SummerTech LIVE show case teams

Special thanks to the academic and business mentors who contributed their time and shared their expertise to foster the next generation of digital technologists. Business partners included: Anidra Tech Ventures, ATEK, Australian Furniture Association (AFA), CELLOS Software, Curve Tomorrow, Graduate Employment Division - Deakin University, Eastern Access Community Health (EACH), Factor Financial Analytics, Infinuendo, LANplus Australia, Hutton Financial Services, Layer Security, Leading Technology Group, Melbourne Bioinformatics, Nuco Solutions, Pitcher Partners, PongoLabs, Scram Software, SEW Eurodrive, Spatial Vision and Vericus. The tertiary institutes included Deakin University, Federation University, RMIT, Swinburne University and TAFE and the University of Melbourne.

Deakin UniversityFederation UniversityThe University of MelbourneRMIT UniversitySwinburne University

Contact us

For further information please email:
Helen Paraskevopoulos

Kelly Hutchinson

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