SummerTech LIVE

SummerTech LIVE

SummerTech LIVE is matching Victorian business digital technology needs with innovative tertiary students over the summer, to solve technology problems and support digital economic transformation. The program operates as a paid 12 week studentship, during the students’ summer break.

SummerTech Live was created in response to students, educators and industry feedback that businesses are looking increasingly for ‘T-shaped’ skills - a combination of strong technical knowledge, problem solving, critical and creative thinking and communication skills. As a result of this broadening of expectations, digital technology graduates face challenges in securing entry-level jobs, with employers often wanting a level of skill and depth of experience that graduates cannot offer.

Highlights to date

Over two rounds, around 100 students, 70 projects and 55 business partners have participated in the program.

As a result of participating in the program:

  • students gained employment (full-time and ongoing part-time)
  • students were offered internships
  • students have gone on to do masters and/or PhD
  • students reported an improvement in ‘soft skills’ as well as their applied technical skills
  • SMEs have gained new knowledge and increased their capability and competitiveness creating digital transformation
  • SMEs have progressed with product development
  • SMEs and education partners have collaborated on other innovative projects.

Round three

SummerTech LIVE program for Round Three will focus on engaging regional education partners and attracting more regional SMEs and students.

If you are a business or an educational institute and you want to know more, please contact us.

If you are student and you’re interested in participating, please contact your supervisor.

Why get involved in SummerTech LIVE?

Businesses if you want to accelerate technology adoption and leverage innovative ICT solutions to improve your operations, register to be a SummerTech LIVE host business. Participating Victorian SMEs have the opportunity to increase digital capabilities and competitiveness.

Education institutes if you are looking for new ways to develop longer term relationships between SMEs and industry, to grow the number of job-ready graduates register your interest.

Students if you want to improve your professional skills and gain experience solving real world problems via digital solutions, sign up for SummerTech LIVE via your education institute.

How does it work?

SummerTech LIVE model



  • identify a technology-related problem
  • submit an EOI
  • provide office space for the student and supervisor
  • meet with project team
  • provide students with soft skills
  • contribute up to $2,000 per project in cash


  • undertaking a 10-12 week studentship
  • work in teams to applu skills to identify a possible solution to the technical problem
  • gain on the job work ready skills

Educational institute

  • identify and engage businesses
  • assist with Project Scope
  • match students to projects
  • provide leadership and supervision to students
  • contribute up to $5,000 per project cach and in-kind


  • Victorian Government provides $5,000 for up to two students per project
  • assist with identifying and engaging businesses
  • manage the EOI process
  • promotion program

Examples of projects:

  • development of data matching algorithms
  • secure digital-business demonstration system
  • integration of telecommunication protocols
  • data analytics CMS platform
  • website and brand redevelopment
  • cybersecurity network architecture
  • machine learning
  • augmented and virtual reality interface
  • internet of things (IoT) analysis
  • research into health and education user interfaces

#STL showcase 2017 and 2018

Over the summers of 2017 and 2018, participants shared their experiences and challenges at the SummerTech LIVE showcase. Students were presented with certificates to recognise their contribution.

Video: SummerTech LIVE 2018


Video: SummerTech LIVE 2017 - Round one pilot (full presentation)


Video: SummerTech LIVE 2017 - Round one pilot (interviews)


Contact us

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