2019 TAC Towards Zero Community Grants - Round 1

2019 TAC Towards Zero Community Grants - Round 1

$0 - $30,000
Not-for-profit groups

The TAC Towards Zero Community Grants Program aims to engage the Victorian community in the Towards Zero and Strategy Action Plan 2016-2020 by recognising and addressing specific road safety issues affecting their local area.

Communities often have particular road safety needs and local community groups can be well-placed to identify these specific problems and implement solutions.

Your ideas area valuable and this program provides grants to support local not-for-profit community groups and organisations develop and implement effective community-based road safety projects targeting local road safety issues.

The TAC invites you to get involved and apply for a project that will improve road safety outcomes in your local community. Projects that deliver benefits to vulnerable road users (i.e. pedestrians, cyclists and motor cycle riders) will be prioritised in the 2019 grant program.

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Reviewed 23 March 2019