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Centre of National Resilience in Mickleham

The Centre of National Resilience in Mickleham is providing emergency accommodation to people who are unable to return to their homes as a result of the Victorian floods

The Centre of National Resilience in Mickleham is providing emergency accommodation to people who are unable to return to their homes as a result of the Victorian floods.

To book, call 1800 560 760 or visit your local emergency relief centre. You will not be able to walk in directly.

Other accommodation is available for people where the centre is not suitable, including hotels, caravan parks and serviced apartments. You will be matched with the most appropriate temporary accommodation for your needs when you contact the Flood Recovery Hotline.


You will not be charged for your stay. All food and health services are free.

Getting to the centre

You can drive. Parking is available at the facility.

If you don’t have a vehicle, transport will be arranged for you.

Arriving at the centre and what to bring

You will be greeted by staff, and they will show you your unit.

You will receive a welcome pack providing you with information about how to contact the help desk, facility services, health staff and available supports during your stay.

What to bring

You should bring something to help us know who you are, for example photo ID (driver’s licence or Passport) and a Medicare card.

Please bring any computers or other materials to keep yourself busy. Portable exercise equipment (e.g. jump rope, yoga mats) are allowed.

The facility provides free WiFi and free to air TV including interactive entertainment options.

Please bring any current medications that you are taking with you as well as any medical aids or equipment that you will need during your quarantine stay.

Clothing and toiletries

We have supplies on hand to provide you in the short term.

The Salvation Army will assist you if you need more than what we have on hand.


Cultural or dietary needs

Yes, you will be provided 3 meals and snacks each day.

The centre will provide food that meets medical-related and reasonable dietary requirements (such as food allergies, anaphylactic medical conditions, kosher, halal, vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, etc.).

You will be asked about any cultural or dietary needs when our team contact you prior to arrival and the facility will be able to meet these.

If you are not satisfied with the food due to cultural or dietary reasons, you should contact the facility services staff who will try to resolve all reasonable requests.


No, there are no cooking facilities in resident units.

You can order a delivery from major supermarkets, so long as the goods do not require cooking.

Can I have a microwave to heat my baby formula or toddler food?

A microwave can be provided for heating baby formula.

Can I get food delivered to me?

Family and friends can deliver food to you.

You can also have deliveries from a recognised food delivery service, such as UberEats or Deliveroo.

You can also order a delivery from major supermarkets, so long as the goods do not require cooking.

Working and studying

A desk and free WiFi is available in your unit.

We are working with Department of Education to assist VCE students take their exams.

Mental health

Mental health support is available on call during your stay.

Limited mobility, wheelchairs and walking frames

We have disability compliant family and single rooms.

You must be able to take care of your own personal care needs or have a carer with you. We don’t have the ability to assist with bathing or dressing.

If you are unable to leave your unit for any reason, we will deliver food and other material aid to you.

Medical support

Yes, Nurses are available at the facility and will provide medical support to you


Yes, they will be required to register at entry


There are several allocated smoking units available.

Access to a smoking unit will be based on availability.

Smoking is permitted on unit balconies and designated spots on site. Smoking within a unit, the children’s play area or other buildings is strictly prohibited


Domestic pets are permitted and must remain in the resident’s Unit.

If pets are taken outside of the unit they must be on a lead or within a carrier cage.

Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and must dispose of waste accordingly.

Trailers and caravans

There will be limited spaces available for extra vehicles.

Trailers or caravans will not be in a secure space and are left at the resident’s own risk.

Getting around without a car

A shuttle bus will run hourly from the centre to Craigieburn railway station and the local shopping centre (Merrifields)

Staying connected with my community

If community information sessions are being held in your home area, we will facilitate virtual connection into those sessions.

Where there are a number of residents from a community, we will organise a shuttle bus to your town so you can connect with family and friends, check on your property and any other errands you need to do in person.

Is there anyone who should not come to the centre?

Community members not suitable for emergency accommodation include people:

  • experiencing acute mental illness who are more suitably managed in an inpatient setting
  • who have significant cognitive impairment / disability where they cannot manage their own personal self-care or safety
  • with medical needs that require more than primary health or mental health service
  • with a high risk of violence / complex behaviours that endanger self or others and that cannot be contained safely within CNR
  • experiencing drug dependency or withdrawal

Conditions of stay

You will be asked to enter an Emergency Accommodation Agreement which sets out your obligations.

  • You must respect other residents and staff.
  • You must not bring any illicit materials.
  • Smoking is only allowed on the balcony of dedicated smoking units.
  • You must keep control of your pets and their waste.

Reviewed 09 December 2022

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