Towards a seamless public service

Duplication can be frustrating. This was one of the common pain points identified during our focus groups and survey. A majority of you agreed that having better, and seamless processes would help reduce duplication.

29/07/19 9.00am

Meet James. He is driving One VPS work around people.

This includes how we can align our people management processes between departments and having a common HR System.

One VPS team member James smiling

Learning from each other

'We are looking at how we can learn from each other. There are processes that we all do in each of our departments, like our processes for on-boarding and learning and development. For the most part, the processes are the same with some tweaks and quirks depending on the department.'

Common solutions

James is now working with DPC and VPSC to come up with a repeatable and agile method to review processes from across our departments, bring together subject matter experts and come up with a common solution that can be implemented in each department.

What's the benefit?

'For a start, you will no longer have to learn processes again from scratch when you move between departments in the public service,' says James.

Career opportunities

'It also provides opportunities for the transfer of experience and skills, because the processes you have spent time becoming an expert on can provide you with an advantage in a similar role you may be looking at in another department.'

Consistent processes

James believes there’s about 200 processes across government that could be aligned through this methodology but we will also be calling out for your input at regular times for suggestions of processes that should be consistent across government.

We will be seeking feedback in the near future on processes that should be aligned across government. Stay tuned.

Reviewed 11 October 2019