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Tricia Malowney OAM - Disability and human rights advocate

Disability rights and inclusion advocate working in health, justice and family violence sectors.

Tricia Malowney OAM - disability rights and inclusion advocate

Tricia received her Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to people with disabilities through advocacy roles.

'I know of many women who have made a major contribution to the benefit of other women. However, we have not acknowledged their work because it was not seen as important as some other work.'

'By awarding women Australian Honours, we are recognising that we do valuable work, and that we have contributed to the betterment of Australian society.'

Tricia contracted polio at the age of 4 months, and was the second of 10 children. She attended mainstream school, and was expected to participate in the same way that her siblings participated.

Tricia has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Anthropology and Criminology and worked in government and non-government agencies, including Victoria Police and a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory.

With the onset of post-polio syndrome, Tricia left formal employment in 2000. Her commitment to the human rights led her to establish a consultancy, providing disability and gender advice to mainstream services.

Tricia advocates for equal access to health and justice for women with disabilities and provides one-on-one support to women with disabilities who are leaving violence. She's a member of the Disability Leadership Institute.

'Women have worked the land as pioneers, took the place of men during war so the home front ran smoothly, were denied access to positions of authority in employment, received less pay than their male colleagues, and went to war and fought alongside their male colleagues.'

'Historically women have been denied opportunities and yet, despite much opposition, we have fought to take our place as equals. While men are more likely to become the head of a major company, we are making inroads, and through the commitment of unsung women, we're getting there.'

Reviewed 07 October 2020

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