Understanding your annual statement

A guide to understand your annual statement section by section.

The Portable Long Service Authority will issue an annual statement to all registered workers at the end of each financial year, that will be available to download in the worker portal.

How to access your statement

Log in to the worker portal

Click on Annual Statements, then select the statement you want to download.

Worker portal login

Your statement

Your statement has five main sections:

Statement overview

1. Reporting period

This is the financial year the statement covers.

Reporting period

2. Worker details

On the left-hand side of this section are your personal details such as your name and address.

On the right-hand side is your Worker ID, the industry you have been registered in and the date the statement was issued.

If you work in more than one industry, you will receive a Worker ID and an Annual Statement for each industry.

worker's details

3. Summary

This section includes the name of each employer you have worked for during the reporting period, the gross payment received, and the total service hours reported by each employer.


4. Hours credited

Opening balance The total hours of service credited to you at the beginning of the reporting period.
Total hours credited for this year The total number of hours you worked where you were eligible for portable long service, as reported by your employer.
Less credited hours used for Long Service Leave Any long service leave that you have taken during the reporting period under another arrangement. 
Current Long Service Leave Entitlement (hours)

This number will display as 0.00 until you are eligible to claim your portable long service benefit, usually after 7 years of service.

Once you are eligible to claim your benefit, this number will represent 1/60th of your total hours credited. 


Hours credited

5. Service period

The graph shows the number of years of eligible service you have logged under the scheme. 

Once your service period reaches 7 years, you will be eligible to claim your portable long service benefit. 

service period



If you need help reading your annual statement, contact the Authority by calling 1800 517 158 or emailing

Reviewed 17 July 2020

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