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Adding chapters to your publication

You'll need to save your publication landing page to be able to add the chapters for your publication.

Once you've created and saved your landing page, you will see a 'Children' tab. This means you'll be able you can start adding child pages from your landing page. This is usually each chapter of your publication.

  1. Select the 'Children' tab.
  2. Select 'Create new Publication page.'

Chapter header tab

Click on the 'Header' tab and add a title for the child page. The 'Publication/Parent page' should remain as the landing page for your publication. Fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Complete the following fields if needed (items marked with an asterisk are mandatory):

  • Publication/parent page: this will default to the landing publication page*
  • Title*
  • Summary*
  • Introduction text

Chapter page content section

You can add more components to chapter pages. For instructions on using these content components, visit our Body text components page.

Customised header tab

Header style* allows you to select between two options.

Default appearance

Display the chapter title and introduction text.

Full-width background image

Display a hero image, the publication title and introduction text. Follow our hero image instructions.

Chapter sidebar

For instructions on using the sidebar, visit our sidebar components page.

Save your work

Click 'Save' once you're happy with your latest draft.

Reviewed 18 August 2022

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