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Before you publish, double check the child page order is correct. The order may have gotten mixed up as you added child pages.

Once you're happy with your content:

  1. change the page status to 'Needs Review'
  2. enter comments in the 'Change request detail' field
  3. select 'Save' - view saved comments in the 'Revisions' tab.

All content is usually published within 48 hours. Inform us of embargoed or time-critical content in the comments.

The page is then submitted to the publishing queue. We review it against the publishing checklist.

We'll publish your page if it meets publishing best practices. We'll notify you if your page needs changing before publishing.

Once your publication is live, your landing page and children pages will include:

  • navigation (menu) that includes each of the publication's chapters
  • the download of the publication
  • 'print full document' option that prints an HTML page with all sections merged onto one
  • pagination to the previous and next child page at the bottom of the screen (child pages only).

Publication examples

Visit our Department and Premier Corporate Plan page to see a live example of a publication.

Find more examples below:

Reviewed 18 August 2022

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