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When and how to use the publication content type

The publication content type is ideal for:

  • multi-page documents usually built in PDFs due to a need to display data and tell stories
  • ongoing strategies where updates are regular and content needs connecting.

This can include policy papers and frameworks, annual reports, strategies and research.

Use the publications content type if:

  • your content doesn't make sense when split into separate pages
    • Can a user use your page without interacting with other pages?
    • Is the content unique?
    • Will you track your content on a regular basis?
  • your content is for a point-in-time
    • The content in the publication isn't going to be useful for more than a year, e.g. annual report.
  • users don't need to do something with it
    • If your audience needs to complete tasks and do something, you should not use a publication. For example, following guidelines.

How to use the publication content type

Don't make the mistake of putting most of your web content into documents. If you have a PDF or MS Word document, put the content into the publication content type. This gives the user a better experience.

Documents aren't made for the web. Creating a digital version is the expected practice.

  • If you don't have time and your publication has less than 20 pages, you can create a one-page publication. The Dhelk Dja Monitoring, Evaluation and Accountability Plan is an example of this.
    • Make sure the page has marked-up headings and a table of contents.
  • Break the publication down into pages if you have time.
    • Your subject knowledge will support you to make these decisions. If you're struggling, the SDP team can look at what data is available to help support your decisions.
  • As above, creating digital-first content is a better practice. Don't create or include a PDF as it will impact too much on your content design decisions. We know this is difficult to achieve, so reach out to the SDP if you need help.

Publication examples

Below are some good publication content type examples:

Reviewed 18 August 2022

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