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Victims Assistance Program Grants (RFA 002/22-23)

Up to $41,000,000 for organisations to aid in the delivery of the Victims Assistance Program.

$13,000,000 - $41,000,000
Not-for-profit groups, businesses

The Department of Justice and Community Safety (the Department) is seeking suitably qualified organisations for the delivery of the Victims Assistance Program (VAP) for the 2023-2026 funding period. The Department anticipates that several organisations will be funded to ensure the delivery of localised services to victims across the state.

Organisations seeking to deliver the VAP are required to provide trauma-informed services that are responsive to the complex and diverse needs of victims of reported or unreported crimes against the person.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • providing practical support
  • providing advocacy
  • providing case management support
  • providing assistance with criminal justice processes
  • facilitating access to therapeutic interventions.

These services may be provided directly by the VAP, coordinated through referrals into community-based services or purchased with brokerage funds.

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Reviewed 16 August 2022