Implementation timeline, October 2019 to June 2021

This section provides implementation timelines for the 3 goals, each with 3 responses and associated actions.

This is the key for the graphics below:

This key explains the coloured dots used in the 3 charts below. Dark blue is 'target date' and mid-blue is 'ongoing'

Goal 1: Use data for better policies, programs and services

Response 1: Use analytics to accelerate priority policies and projects

Actions Implementation

A Identify and scope major analytics opportunities across the VPS.

Ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

B Deliver and promote high-impact analytics outcomes for the Victorian Government.

Ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

C Develop a whole-of-government algorithm and code-sharing library for VPS analytics teams to borrow from and contribute to.

Target date Q4 2020 and ongoing from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021

Response 2: Maximise insights within VPS agencies through strategic approaches to data

Actions Implementation

A Assist VPS agencies to develop and implement effective data strategies.

Ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

B Deliver immersive support to key teams within VPS agencies to improve capabilities.

Ongoing from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

C Provide templates and other artefacts for strategy development and new ways of working.

Target date Q1 2020 and ongoing from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

Response 3: Improve VPS data sharing for cross-portfolio policy design and joined-up service delivery

Actions Implementation

A Design and pilot a VPS data sharing service within DPC with appropriate whole of VPS governance, supported by a modern, privacy-preserving platform.

Ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

B Commence data acquisition from across the VPS and elsewhere for cross-portfolio analytics use-cases that inform the design and costing of the full data sharing service, and maintain the datasets as enduring assets.

Target date Q1 2020 and ongoing from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

C Commence a business case to seek funding for the full data sharing service from 2022-23.

Target date Q1 2020

Here's the Goal 1 timeline chart as presented in the printed version of the strategy:

Graphical representation of the actions for goal 1, as described above

Goal 2: Reduce waste and deliver savings

Response 1: Target data-driven savings and efficiencies

Actions Implementation

A Map major data and analytics-driven saving opportunities across the VPS.

Target date Q4 2020

B Partner with VPS agencies to develop the models and approaches to realise the savings.

Ongoing from Q1 2020 to Q2 2021

C Make the models and approaches available for use by other VPS agencies.

Target date Q2 2020 and ongoing from Q3 2020 to Q2 2021

D Support the development of relevant communities of interest across the VPS (e.g. fraud detection, asset management, demand forecasting).

Ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

Response 2: Govern our data to maximise value and remove waste

Actions Implementation

A Develop template documents for leading-practice data governance.

Target date Q1 2020

B Pilot a data governance coaching service with a VPS agency that has secured strong executive support.

Target date Q2 2020

C Refine the data governance approach and replicate in other VPS agencies.

Ongoing from Q3 2020 to Q2 2021

Response 3: Reduce the cost and delay of implementing technology solutions

Actions Implementation

A Enable cross-VPS collaboration to collect and share knowledge about best practices.

Target date Q1 2020 and ongoing from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

B Refine and publish existing reference architectures for data and analytics platforms, to provide common patterns that can be implemented on preferred cloud platforms or on-premise data centres.

Target date Q1 2020

C Build a central instance of the design patterns, that VPS agencies can leverage as a ‘fast start’ service.

Target date Q3 2020

D Establish technical advisory services to help agencies introduce their own environments faster and for less cost, reusing common configurations.

Target date Q1 2020 and ongoing from Q2 2020 to Q2 2021

Here's the Goal 2 timeline chart as presented in the printed version of the strategy:

Graphical representation of the actions for goal 2, as described above

Goal 3: Build data expertise and transform how the VPS works

Response 1: Build executive data awareness and literacy

Actions Implementation

A Co-design the requirements for an executive data literacy program with willing VPS agencies, and source appropriate providers to deliver it.

Target date Q2 2020

B Ensure the program can be adapted for the specific needs and problems of other VPS agencies.

Target date Q3 2020

C Grow the existing pool of free learning and development resources for leaders and teams to build their own skills.

Ongoing from Q3 2020 to Q2 2021

Response 2: Develop the right workforce for a data-driven VPS

Actions Implementation

A Refine definitions for role types that will be used to understand the VPS data workforce, map these to skills and tasks, and align levels of expertise to job grades.

Target date Q2 2020

B Develop an evidence-based methodology for identifying the current and desired data workforce.

Target date Q3 2020

C Design career and development pathways, and attraction and recruitment strategies.

Target date Q4 2020

D Refine the approaches and develop a playbook for use by VPS agencies.

Target date Q1 2021

Response 3: Embed more creative ways of organising to solve problems

Actions Implementation

A Extend the Victorian Data Partnerships program to drive collaborations with industry and research organisations.

Target date Q4 2019 and ongoing from Q4 2019 to Q2 2021

B Advise VPS agencies interested in flexible team formation.

Target date Q4 2020 and ongoing from Q1 2021 to Q2 2021

C Develop guidance for short-term, rapid sourcing of highly specialised skills that contribute to data-driven outcomes.

Target date Q4 2020

Here's the Goal 3 timeline chart as presented in the printed version of the strategy:

Graphical representation of the actions for goal 3, as described above

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