Victorian Government graduate program application process

Find out the steps in the application process, from completing the application form to finding out if you're successful.

Applications are now closed.

Step 1: Online application form

    Applications open: 18 February 2019

    Applications close: 24 March 2019 (midnight)

    Complete the application form. Tell us about who you are, your skills and experience.  In the application form, you will be able to:

    • Select your chosen stream
    • Select your preferred department (if in the generalist or A&P stream)
    • Nominate for one or both of our pathway programs if they apply to you

    You’ll need to get the following documents sorted:

    • proof of permanent residency or Australian citizenship
    • a copy of your most recent academic results (If you’ve completed a postgrad you’ll need to upload a copy of your undergrad results)
    • your resume

    Step 2: Online assessment

    Invitations will be sent: 30 March 2019

    Responses close: 3 April 2019 (midnight)

    Single, blended assessment including numerical, logical and verbal abilities.

    It will include both behavioural and situational assessments. It provides a much more complete picture of you than traditional cognitive or psychometric tests.

    Where: At home or anywhere you have reliable internet access

    How long: 45 minutes

    Step 3: Video interview

    Instructions will be sent: 8 April 2019

    Submissions close: 15 April 2019 (8:59am)

    Video recording of responses, giving us a deeper understanding of who you are.

    You’ll log on and have 90 seconds to read a few questions. Then you’ll have a chance to do a video recording of your responses. It’s time limited, so you can’t really rehearse or practice for it.

    Where: Wherever you have quiet and reliable interest access

    How long: Once you log on, you have 90 seconds.

    Step 4: Activities and in-person interview

    Will take place: between 6 May and 17 May 2019

    After the videos, we will invite some of you to an assessment centre.

    There will be an individual activity, a group activity and an interview with people from the Victorian Government departments.

    Where: Location in central Melbourne

    Step 5: Find out if you're successful

    First round offers: from 20 May 2019

    If you're successful, we'll call you a few days after your assessment centre with the news. You’ll be offered a place in a home department or related agency. That still means you will be rotating through 2 other departments or areas in your graduate program year.

    After you accept, there will be some more paperwork including police and other checks.

    Graduate program commences late January 2020.

    Privacy and data collection

    Your privacy is important. We want to be clear with you about how we will store and share the information you trust us with.

    Read the graduate program collection notice .

    Reviewed 29 April 2019