Vision for The Orange Door

The Orange Door provides help for people experiencing family violence, or who need assistance with the care and wellbeing of children and young people. Services are delivered according to The Orange Door service model and specifications.

The Royal Commission into Family Violence recommended establishing a network of Support and Safety Hubs across Victoria. These hubs are known as The Orange Door.

Statewide concept

The Statewide Concept for Support and Safety Hubs sets the vision and intent of The Orange Door. Achieving the vision means:

  • further design and development is needed at both statewide and local area levels
  • working in partnership with communities, stakeholders and people with lived experience of the service system

The Orange Door will continue to evolve and be informed by practice and experience, evidence and evaluation.

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Service model

The Orange Door is the new way for people to access support from social, health and justice services. Help is available for:

  • women, children and young people experiencing family violence
  • families in need of support with the care, development and wellbeing of children

The Orange Door aims to be accessible, safe and welcoming and provide quick and simple access to services and supports.

The Orange Door also focuses on perpetrators of family violence to keep them in view and plays a role in holding them accountable for their actions and challenging their behaviour.

The Orange Door aims to provide:

  • a more visible contact point so that people know where to go for support
  • help for people to identify family violence and child and family safety and wellbeing issues
  • advice based on the latest risk assessment tools and best available information
  • specialist support and tailored advice for victims, children and families, and perpetrators
  • a strong focus on perpetrator accountability
  • an approach across the spectrum of prevention, early intervention and response
  • connection and coordination of access to support
  • a system-wide view of service capacity, client experience and outcomes

The Orange Door service model - online version

Service specifications

The service specifications outline the requirements of agencies partnering to provide The Orange Door.

It includes:

  • the operating context
  • key objectives
  • deliverables
  • minimum expectations
  • quality requirements
  • critical data collection
  • performance frameworks

The Orange Door service specifications - online version

Client partnership

The Client partnership framework for The Orange Door can be used to strengthen partnership with clients at all levels - from practice through to leadership and system reform.

The Client Partnership Strategy for The Orange Door offers a vision and roadmap to embed clients as partners in all aspects of work related to The Orange Door.

Background information

The Statewide Concept for Support and Safety Hubs was informed by:

  • a review of 'hub like' services
  • consultation with service users and service providers

Reviewed 20 January 2020

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