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Wage theft - make an enquiry or report

Use our online form to report suspected wage theft or ask us a question about wage theft.

Use our online form to:

  • ask a question about wage theft
  • report suspected wage theft
  • submit additional documents for an existing report.

To contact us through an interpreter or for information in other languages, visit our language help page.

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Ask a question about wage theft

Before asking a question, check our frequently asked questions for employers and workers in case your query has already been answered.

To ask a question using our online form, simply:

  1. provide some basic information about yourself, your employment and the employer
  2. type your question
  3. review the information you have provided
  4. select ‘submit now’.

Ask your question

Report suspected wage theft

Wage theft is a crime under Victorian law, so reporting it is a serious matter. Make sure you have read and understood how the law defines wage theft before you make a report.

To report suspected wage theft using our online form:

  1. answer the questions about yourself, your employment and the employer - this is important information that helps us assess your report
  2. upload supporting documents (refer to our Evidence Guide for the type of information that may help demonstrate a wage theft offence)
  3. review the information you have provided
  4. select ‘submit now’.

Before starting the report form, make sure you have this information ready:

About your employment

About the employer

  • business name
  • contact details
  • your manager’s name
  • address where you worked
  • whether the business is still operating.

Documents that support your report

  • your employment contract
  • payslips
  • PAYG payment summaries
  • bank statements
  • times sheets or records of hours worked
  • correspondence with your employer or other agencies.

Report suspected wage theft

If you want to remain anonymous, use our anonymous report formExternal Link . However, if you are unable to provide information and documents or there is little prospect of our inspectors obtaining information and documents, we may be unable to proceed.

Update an existing report

If you have already made a wage theft report and need to supply additional documentation, you can update your report via our online form.

Submit additional documents

Reviewed 08 March 2023

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