Our strategy for war heritage and history

Our plan to help Victorians preserve war heritage and history.

We’re creating a plan to help Victorians preserve our war heritage and history, including: 

  • historic heritage – memorials, buildings and collections; and
  • practices and traditions to commemorate those who have served

The strategy aims to provide working definitions for war-related heritage and clarity around the community’s and government’s role in preserving heritage.

Themes of the strategy

  1. Knowing what we have, what we do, what it means and why it’s significant.
  2. Protecting war-heritage through reforms, providing access and knowledge to people working in conservation.
  3. Supporting ongoing traditions and making heritage accessible to all Victorians.
  4. Promoting what we have and what it means to us as Victorians.

Activities under the Strategy

  • The 2018-20 Avenues of Honour project, to support communities and caretakers to identify, recognise and protect our Avenues now and into the future. This project is being delivered by GML Heritage (Context) Pty Ltd. 
  • The 2017-18 War Heritage Roadshow ran in 15 locations across Victoria as a way to teach Victorians how to conserve their family memorabilia and learn more about the history of objects they hold in their homes. The Roadshow was delivered by the University of Melbourne. 
  • The 2016-21 Veterans Heritage Project is currently in round 2, providing collections and memorabilia conservation and digitisation training to ex-service organisations across Victoria. 
  • The Victorian War Heritage Inventory provides access to records about Victorian places of war heritage and allows for community contributions. 
  • Provision of guides to support Victorians in conserving and protecting war heritage. 

More information

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