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If you are looking for emergency alerts you should go to the Emergency Victoria website.

When to create an alert

Alerts are only triggered by the DPC content team after notification by emergency services working groups. You will receive a notification if an emergency alert should be added to your site.

How to create an alert 

The Alert content type allows you to turn on an urgent message or notification across all pages on a website.

You can turn on multiple alerts or notifications at one time, including:

  • Emergency
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Heat wave
  • Lightning
  • Medical
  • Pollution
  • Traffic
  • Notification

The colour and icon will change depending on the type selected.

When to use a notification

Notifications can be used on a website to alert users to a sensitive issue. 

Examples include:

warning of images of deceased Aboriginal people

notifications of planned outages

How to create a notification

To add an notification

  • select +Add content
  • Alert

Complete the following fields:

  • Title (mandatory)
  • Alert type (mandatory): start typing the type of alert which can include emergency, fire, flood, heat wave, lightning, medical, pollution, traffic or notification
  • URL (mandatory)
  • Link text
  • Site: the site you'd like to add the Alert to
Alert content component

Once the Alert or notification has been published, it will appear across all website pages.

Manage and check alerts and notifications

To keep track of multiple alerts or notifications to a website site or section, you can view any that have been enabled in a central location.

Select Structure, Taxonomy and Sites.

Find the website or site section from the list and click Edit.

Here you can see whether any alerts and notifications have been enabled. 

You can manage the alerts and notifications by deleting, archiving or scheduling an update.

Scheduling updates

You can schedule an alert or notification to publish or archive at a certain date or time. 

Reviewed 28 August 2019

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