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Turn on an alert across the website when you have to update users about an emergency, fire, flood, heat wave, lightning, medical pollution or traffic.

If you are looking for emergency alerts you should go to the Emergency Victoria website.

How to set an alert on

The Alert content type allows you to turn on an urgent message across all pages on a website.

You can only turn one alert on at a time for updates, including:

  • Emergency
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Heat wave
  • Lightning
  • Medical
  • Pollution
  • Traffic

The colour and icon will change depending on the type of update selected.

To add an Alert:

  • select +Add content
  • Alert

Complete the following fields:

  • Title (mandatory)
  • Alert type (mandatory)
  • URL (mandatory)
  • Link text
  • Site: the site you'd like to add the Alert to
Alert content component

Once the Alert has been published, it will appear across all website pages.

Reviewed 03 March 2019

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