Measuring and reporting

So that we don’t lose sight of our long term objectives, the Victorian Gender Equality Strategy establishes a framework for measuring and reporting on our progress.

Outcomes Framework

We aim to achieve real change over time by setting targets and measuring success against quantifiable and qualitative indicators.

Our draft Outcomes Framework includes:

  • domains (our aspirations for cultural, attitudinal, behavioural and structural change)
  • outcomes (the differences we want to see for Victorians)
  • indicators (to answer the question of how we will know if we are progressing towards the outcome and targets).

While some targets have been set, many more require further development. This reflects that while there is an enormous amount of data collected across different fields which would be relied upon to track our progress, much of the data is not gender disaggregated or analysed.

Aligning with other Outcome Frameworks

This Strategy aligns with other Victorian Government reforms particularly the 10 Year Plan for ending family violence.

That plan specifically highlights gender equality as a key outcome in its efforts to end family violence. The reforms included in Safe and Strong form the foundation for this work, particularly in the key area of preventing family violence from happening in the first place.

Next Steps

Our critical next steps are to:

  • review and refine the draft Outcomes Framework with key stakeholders and informed by analysis of existing data sources and data sets
  • review the full range of existing data sources and data sets available across Victorian Government and from bodies such as ANROWS, VicHealth, Our Watch and the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, as a basis to develop our measures
  • establish a baseline position, that tells us the current status of gender equality in Victoria, including ‘where we are performing well’ and ‘factors holding us back from achieving gender equality’
  • setting additional targets by June 2018, drawing from our baseline analysis.