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Gender Equality Legislation

We need gender equality urgently – and Victoria has a plan to achieve it

Everyone deserves equal rights, responsibilities and opportunities. But in most parts of the world, including Victoria, this isn’t the case:

  • women earn less than men
  • women experience family violence more than men, and at alarming rates
  • men are shackled by outdated and rigid stereotypes of what it means to be a “real man”
  • trans and gender diverse people experience discrimination that can cause long lasting damage to their health and wellbeing

…the list goes on.

Everyone – every one of us, regardless of cultural or economic background - is affected by gender inequality: women, men, trans and gender diverse people, children and young people. It impacts people of all ages and backgrounds.

We need gender equality urgently

Despite how important it is, gender equality isn’t happening fast enough. We need gender equality because:

  • it prevents violence against women and girls
  • it is essential for economic prosperity 
  • societies that value women and men as equal are safer and healthier

…but perhaps most importantly of all, gender equality is a human right.

In Victoria, we’re drafting legislation for gender equality to get there faster 

The Gender Equality Bill is just the first step in a long journey we need to walk together as Victorians. 

It starts with holding the Victorian Government and the public sector to account. 

We need to be role-models for gender equality and set the benchmark for the rest of Victoria to follow.

Because gender equality benefits everyone, we believe everyone should have a say in the creation of Victoria’s first ever gender equality legislation.

YOU can help shape the legislation and contribute to a gender equal Victoria: