Flourish Girl: promoting positive self-image

Media and other people put a lot of pressure on girls today. We try to help girls to feel empowered and build self-confidence and resilience. To speak up if they ever experience violence; to feel worthy of love and belonging!

Making healthy and empowered choices

Teenage girls are constantly bombarded with messages from the media. They're told that they need to conform to a certain standard of physical ‘beauty’ to fit in with their friends or to meet the expectations of boys. These messages can be confusing and damaging. They distract girls from working out who they really are and what they really want.

As a young woman of colour, Mandy Kota felt a lot of these pressures growing up. She wanted to fit in, which meant having boys like her and appearing ‘cool’ on social media. The high rates of depression and anxiety and the prevalence of eating disorders amongst young girls are very concerning. Mandy believes these poor health outcomes can be lessened by giving girls the tools to foster self-worth, healthy body image and respectful relationships.

Support to be yourself

When Mandy reflects on her high school years, she questions whether she had ever felt free to really be herself as a teenager.

She developed Flourish Girl to empower teenage girls to become unstoppable women in today's world; to equip them with the tools and skills that foster self-love and acceptance.

Mandy runs programs at schools across Victoria that help girls identify and address the barriers that stop them from being themselves and fully self-expressed. The programs create a safe space for girls to talk about dating, friendships, body image and social media. By giving girls tools to make healthy and empowered choices about their own wellbeing, Flourish Girl inspires a new generation of confident and capable women to realise their full potential.

Learn more about Flourish Girl: www.flourishgirl.org