Twnty Something

Girls will know how to feel empowered, build self-confidence and resilience from the external pressures that media and people place on them. If we can help teenage girls feel empowered, they will not be hesitant to speak up if they ever experience violence. They are worthy of love and belonging!

With the prevalence of social media on the rise, teenage girls are constantly bombarded with the message that conforming to a certain standard of physical ‘beauty’ is important to fit in with their friends, or to meet the expectations of boys. These messages can be confusing and even damaging, distracting girls from who they really are and what they really want.

Growing up in Sydney Australia, Mandy Kota felt a lot of these same pressures. She wanted to fit in, which meant having boys like her and appearing ‘cool’ on social media. After graduating and going on to become a speech pathologist, Mandy reflected back on her high school years, asking herself whether she had felt free to really be herself as a  teenager. It was then that she decided to “ignite the light in teenage girls,” to empower young women to be who they really are.

Early 2016 saw Mandy move to Melbourne where she established Twnty Something, a unique initiative run by twenty something women for teenage girls. Twnty Something’s programs create safe spaces for teenage girls to share both their struggles and their accomplishments, encouraging them to be their authentic selves. As a younger voice, Twnty Something ‘get’ what it is like to be a teenage girl. They speak at schools across Victoria, spreading the message of ‘true beauty’ backed up by daily empowerment content through Instagram and snapchat channels.

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