Kim Koop

Photo of Kim Koop 2017

Kim Koop's commitment to individuals, families and carers associated with mental illness has generated long-term benefits for Victoria and across the nation.

Kim career has spanned the era of deinstitutionalisation, mainstreaming of mental health services, and the development of new models of community treatment and support. Kim has been an active advocate for a mental health and disability service system that addresses recovery directly and enhances opportunities for people affected by mental illness to live meaningful lives.

Dedicated her career to improving the health and wellbeing of people affected by mental illness

Until late 2016, Kim was CEO at Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria the peak body for community managed mental health services, deputy chair of the Victorian Council of Social Service (VCOSS) and an active member of Community Mental Health Australia (CMHA). She has served on numerous boards and is currently Chair of the Women’s Mental Health Network Victoria (WMHNV).

Kim’s vision, dedication and passion for improving the care and outcomes for people with mental illness has translated into a range of significant contributions that have greatly improved the mental health service system not only in Victoria, but at a national level.