Brenda Appleton

Photo of Brenda Appleton 2017

Brenda has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the trans and gender diverse communities in Victoria, unifying 10 different organisations and supporting them to speak with a coordinated voice, whereby increasing the power of their advocacy.

Brenda appointed co-chair of LGBTI Taskforce

As spokesperson for Transgender Victoria, Brenda has conducted leadership, advocacy and training in trans and gender diverse issues. Her effective leadership within the community was recognised when she was appointed Chair of the whole-of-Victorian Government LGBTI Taskforce, making her the first trans person in Australia to be named chair of a ministerial advisory committee.

Brenda has also chaired the trans and gender diverse subcommittee of the former government’s Health and Wellbeing Ministerial Advisory Committee. With this role she formulated the health and wellbeing background paper that was instrumental to the development of the health policy for trans and gender diverse Victorians.

Brenda is the driving force behind equal opportunities for trans and gender diverse communities and has played a vital role in establishing peer-based mental health support for individuals.

Working to ensure the long-term viability of our local and regional farms

sNot only is Brenda actively involved in the community and dedicated to creating equal opportunities for trans and gender diverse people, she is also the Founding Director and Secretary of Open Food Network. This organisation is working to improve local farm viability by providing consumers with an electronic shop window (and alternative food supply channel) to encourage the buying of local, fresh produce through food hubs.