Joan Kirner Young and Emerging Leaders program

As Victoria's first and only female premier, the late Joan Kirner's political legacy is characterised by her commitment to promoting women and reforming education.

Joan dedicated her career to mentoring many young people and women. The Victorian Government is recognising her legacy through the new Joan Kirner Young and Emerging Women Leaders program.

The Joan Kirner program will enable up-and-coming female leaders to obtain the critical skills, networks and experiences required to advance their leadership careers.

The 2017 Program

21 women from across Victoria have been selected to participate in the inaugural Joan Kirner Young and Emerging Women Leaders program. The 21 individuals have exceptional leadership potential and were selected from over 250 applicants.

This opportunity will empower women to progress as influential leaders in their communities, sectors and areas of interest.

Congratulations to the successful participants for 2017:

  • Dr Jaclyn Broadbent
  • Ms Michaela Epstein
  • Ms Krista Seddon
  • Ms Linh Do
  • Ms Michelle Isles
  • Dr Rebecca Koss
  • Ms Stephanie Lai
  • Miss Caitlyn Hoggan
  • Ms Sarah Sheridan
  • Miss Morgan Cataldo
  • Ms Tayla McKechnie
  • Ms Rachel Toovey
  • Ms Keicha Day
  • Ms Maddi Miller
  • Ms Melissa Saunders
  • Ms Penny Scott
  • Ms Safa Almarhoun
  • Ms Alisha Fernando
  • Miss Amna Iqbal
  • Ms Khayshie Tilak Ramesh
  • Ms Whitney Yip

Further information

For general enquiries about the Joan Kirner Young and Emerging Women Leaders program please contact Leadership Victoria on 03 9651 6590 or