$500 million support package for Victorian workers impacted by COVID-19

$500 million to assist people who have lost their jobs as a result of COVID-19.

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As part of the $1.7 billion Economic Survival Package, the Victorian Government has announced a $500 million package to assist people who have lost their jobs at this difficult time.

Under the Working for Victoria Fund, displaced workers will be eligible to apply for different types of work. This presents opportunities for paid work and an opportunity to contribute to Victoria’s ability to manage this event and support the community.

Some displaced workers will have skills that can be readily transferred to new roles. The Government can also assist skills development or help people in obtaining immediate accreditation to commence work.

The Government will work across the public sector, local government, the not-for-profit sector and key private sector employers to facilitate job matching. Businesses that need workers can get in touch at

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How much money is being provided?

The Working for Victoria Fund provides $500 million.

How many jobs are being provided?

It is anticipated that thousands of jobs will be available.

Who is eligible for the jobs?

Workers who have recently lost their job or casuals who no longer have shifts. Part of the process will include an assessment of need and willingness to undertake or retrain to undertake specific roles.

How much will the jobs pay?

We will be working closely with key partners, including unions, as part of the design and implementation of this program, with all jobs at or above award rates.  

How can I apply?

Register your information above.

What happens when I register?

You will be contacted in the following week to notify you of next steps, which will include collection of additional information.

What do I need to provide to apply?

Following the initial registration process, you will likely be required to submit an up-to-date CV which is no longer than one page, and some additional information may be requested during the application process.

What type of jobs are available?

There are likely to be many different types of jobs available, including:

  • Cleaning and sanitation of buildings, public spaces and transport
  • Food services and catering
  • Health care and carer/community support roles
  • Outreach for people who are isolated or who need supplies delivered to their homes
  • Manufacturing roles including food manufacturing
  • Logistics including warehousing, security services and driving roles
  • Customer service and call centre roles
  • Waste management
  • Environmental management
  • Outdoor work including regional infrastructure damaged by bushfires (e.g. walking trails)
  • Agricultural, including fruit harvesting

Where will the jobs be located?

This is a statewide initiative. We hope to utilise the talents of Victorians in all parts of the State.

Will I get paid super?

Yes, all roles will attract normal benefits (including superannuation) and will need to be declared as income for taxation purposes.

Will I have to pay tax on this income?

Yes, wages received through this program will need to be declared as income for taxation purposes.

Reviewed 26 March 2020

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