Suggest a road safety camera location

You use Victorian roads every day and know which locations need a road safety camera to improve safety and driver behaviour. Submit your suggestion.

Before suggesting a location, we recommend you check to see how camera locations are chosen, if there's already a camera nearby or if there are roadworks that will change the existing conditions.

This form is only to be used/submitted for the suggestion of a fixed camera location.

If you wish to suggest a possible mobile camera location or would like to request other forms of police enforcement, please contact Crime Stoppers or Victoria Police.

The assessment process

Every suggestion is referred to the Road Safety Camera Site Selection Committee (RSCSS) for assessment, using the process below:

  1. Submit your suggestion.
  2. Your submission is referred to the RSCSS.
  3. The RSCSS makes its initial assessment.
  4. If they assess it as suitable for a camera:
    • Technical assets inspection takes place.
    • RSCSS completes its final assessment.
    • Outcome: recommendation for a camera provided to or submission is closed.
  5. If they assess it as not suitable for a camera:
    • Outcome: your suggestion is referred to appropriate agency for alternative action or submission is closed.

Suggest a camera location

Please be aware: in the previous version of this form you were able to pin your suggested location on a map. This feature is currently unavailable.

Due to the large volume of suggestions and the level of attention given to each, it may take some time for the RSCSS to complete an evaluation of your nominated location.

If you provide your contact details, we'll notify you directly of the outcome of your submission as soon as the RSCSS's assessment is complete.

Frequency of new camera installation and site suitability

The RSCSS receives a large volume of suggestions from the public to enhance road safety enforcement on Victorian roads. The RSCSS carefully considers each request, taking into account factors including the crash history, environmental, and engineering suitability of suggested sites.

Additionally, the RSCSS may refer sites that are not suitable for installation of a fixed camera to other agencies for more appropriate enforcement action. These agencies include Victoria Police, the Department of Transport, and local councils.